-  Nine Unequally Spaced Outlets (One Unswitched)

-  MOV Spike and Surge Suppression

-  Circuit Breaker

-  Face Mounted

-  RFI/EMI Low-Pass Pi Filter

-  15 Amps/1800 Watts Rating

-  Heavy Steel Front Housing

-  Twelve Foot Heavy Duty 14 Guage AC Cord

Dimensions: approx. 19" x 8" x 2"
Weight: approx. 8 lbs.


This power strip features nine unequally spaced outlets (one unswitched), MOV spike and surge suppression, circuit breaker, face mounted, RFI/EMI low-pass Pi filter, 15 amps /1800 Watts rating, heavy steel front housing, twelve foot heavy duty 14 guage AC cord.


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